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Hello to it may concern, I tried several times this week and last, attempting to respond electronically as suggested and encourage in you daily messages. I could not I recorded my last attempt it is actually funny. However I am sort of desperate now, because I drove a long distance tp get to a Fax and it was closed. So I all can do now is e-mail you the link to my response  dispute response:  Merchant# 372679576887   Case# 781676660201 reason code: 53   it is all ready to print and all the pictures will be faxed or printed to be faxed.
 it is the 11 hour for my response please accept I will still fax in the morning. asctually it is 11.30 pm on the last day 08.28.18
Thank You
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dispute response:  Merchant# 372679576887   Case# 781676660201 reason code: 53



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Case ID: 009747201 response bellow. 

visit this link for color HD pictures  https://mexicanfurniturehacienda.com/project/2nd-reply-to-balboat-pete/

Account Number xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-8756

Amount $1,817.70

Representment Received, we had Contacted CH via phone & letter. I (Issuer) certify: As per call we have received from cardholder on 07/31/2018, 03:30:17 p.m. EST

[                   ]

CG hired this merchant to install a door. Merchant came out to location, took measurement and the door was ordered.

CardHolder purchased a door and paid deposit with CC. Agents of Cardholder ask about installation, we referred an installer who asked to be paid in cash. 

At the time of installation, door did not fit. Merchant made adjustment and door is still not installed properly.

 Not a true statement, as you can see in the pictures when installer when to deliver and install the door, the door did not fit because the original frame was modified by Cardholder and acknowledge by his employees. You can see who is doing the repair.  “project supervisor” and his assistant preparing the space needed for the pattern door we made for cardholder.

CH is not in door business, this merchant is. CH is not professional and could have provided wrong measurement but this merchant should have known and have told CH what is possible or not. Merchant did go to location to take measurement and merchant should have taken proper measurement.

We made the door and it fit, see pictures. Why did the customer provided us with  impossible specifications and holding us to highest scrutiny? now he says he is dumb? Agent Balboa told our installer, “he is an expert on doors” that he worked installing doors one summer etc. my installer asked him why did he not order alder wood or any hardwood for such an large door? he answered Oscar did not tell me there were choices”

 Approximately 4 hours after door was installed. Cardholder instructs our recommended installer to put locks on doors, later same evening replacing locks as they were of low quality. Installer waited unnecessary hours as Cardholder retained payment until beyond satisfaction. Door locks installation was never agreed on.

After through inspection by Card Holder and confirmation by his assistant and project manager, a check to HaciendaRustica.com for the balance was issued along with blank check to installer. Goods were delivered, inspected and paid for by CardHolder.

As you can see from email correspondence sent to us by merchant, CH made many many attempts to work with merchant. Merchant asked three times for glass type.  

True, it took us 3 separate emails times to obtain an answer from Cardholder’s agent this is the best answer we received  ” we don’t have specifications for glass just use any glass”.

Yet, customer rushing the order in 3 separate times while threatening for bad review because “we were delaying construction on his job” as you can see in pictures just provided by installer, Cardholder was not telling the truth, far from finishing his job on door installation day and also as of 2 days ago.

This is a main dor to home you are talking about. It is for a safety reason. It’s not like a car, if broken, use other car. Not for main door, bay window door, see pictures.

This is another less than truthful statement. Main door is West of the original Bay Window that was replaced by a custom door used,as a bay window. Historic main door is still in same location. see pictures attached. I took this pictures 3 days ago on 8.25.18 House is still far from finished and the best thing they have is our door. Word is neighbors did not like the window changed into a door and SD County has issues on this.

We believe that our Dispute for Reason Code 53 (Not as described or defective merchandise) is valid The Acquirer failed to provide evidence that the Merchandise received was as described on the transaction receipt or other written documentation presented at the time of transaction.

  The seller/merchant delivered merchandise that conformed to buyer/cardholder’s specifications.
Upon delivery of custom made goods, the cardholder’s agent had an opportunity to inspect the
merchandise and after reasonable and seasonable inspection, accepted the door.

Upon delivery of custom hand made goods, the cardholder, his agent all had  the opportunity to inspect the merchandise and after reasonable and seasonable inspection, accepted the doors and payment was received directly by CH. 

The seller delivered conforming merchandise to seller, the seller and/or his agent ALTERED the
specifications of the door.


Claiming not being door experts does not condoned their responsibility to provide clear and factual specifications. Fact which to date cardholder has not denied.

The independent installer transported all  6 pieces inside the living room and assembled frame and installed doors.   see pictures.

Diego Project Mng. and his partner helped raise the door as they were told they would get paid if door is installed our installer did not ask for help.

Doors were installed and worked properly by Project Mng. they were tested and both doors swang smoothly and closed perfectly.

After taking some time for lunch and a beer or 2.

Project Mng. said if if hard rain hits this doors, “with this design of threshold the living room will get wet and my floors will come out”

 I believe a good nature gesture but without fine carpentry knowledge. 

The glass is  double-pane 1/4″ plus 1/4″ spacer and 1/4″ glass is very heavy  a single huge glass panel, and door is made in pine wood, as requested by CH. and using a circular saw proceeded to cut 1″ x 36″ x 2 cut to each door at the crucial stability member of the door, the bottom rail!

 Project Mng then decided that doors should be cut to 1/4″ above level the surface threshold level.  see drawing attached.

By making this cut through 3 wood members, across the tenon/mortised structure of doors, entire product is compromised.

If end product is altered by CH this last ultimately is responsible for its natural consequences.

2nd ps: altered by CH’s project manager and not authorized by Merchant.


picture # 2 below

unpainted door inside our shop, picture below.

Painted door inside our shop, picture below.

notice our door inside the living room, carried by installer.

door finished, stucco and all cement work not.

doors with bay window next to CC holder house, pictures from the neighbourhood

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