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Welcome to the World of Solid Rustic Pine  Mexican Rustic Furniture!

 We are manufacturers,   our furniture is made in Mexico and United States.

Our mission is to bring the beauty and quality of our Mexican Rustic Furniture to anywhere in the world.

All items in the Rustic Furniture family are handcrafted. The wood used in our furniture is 100%  solid American and Canadian wood, cut and processed in Oregon and Washington State. The exterior surfaces are intentionally distressed to achieve that rustic vintage finish people look for in this very charming style of Mexican Rustic Furniture. The wood is then stained and finished with a protective coating of wax and polyurethane applied by hand. We do not use veneers hiding man-made materials as MDF or Particle boards, We only use natural solid wood.

The charm of this line of Mexican rustic furniture lies in the natural irregularities of the wood, like the knots, the bow, the uneven areas that make the stain  penetrate unevenly, these are the characteristics of Rustic Furniture. 

Please note that in particularly dry climates, certain woods may develop further splits, since wood has a tendency to shrink and span. Nevertheless, Las Vegas, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and the Southwest are a good market for our retailers.

Whether you live in a humid, tropical or arid place, rest assured that your Mexican Hacienda Furniture will last you for a lifetime! Many designers call our craft heirloom furniture. We guarantee our chairs for at least 15 years to restaurants; we have furnished many many restaurants throughout the years and hope for many many good years.


Enjoy for generations your Rustic Furniture, it is charming, natural and timeless…

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Company Policy

1. – All orders must be in writing and sent via US mail, fax or E-mail. This last one means through our merchant PayPal, you will get a transaction confirmation within seconds and your furniture is then acknowledged. Via via email you will get a confirmation request to clarify any doubts on size,  color etc.   * For wholesalers: If you don’t use purchase orders, HaciendaRustica.Com will assign a purchase order for future reference. We acknowledge all orders; if you do not receive an acknowledgment within 3 days, if your order is not being scheduled for any reason you may contact us at the email/physical address and phone numbers at the foot of his page. 

2. –  Wholesale furniture; depending on reputation, credit and location if approved all initial orders must be for a minimum of  $16,000.00 U.S.D.  contact us for confidential price list.  see # 10

           You will then have access to our catalogue and wholesale prices. Even if you already have a Resale License, we need a signed affidavit from the company owner personally.  Credit Card merchant service, PayPal logos and safety features will be available. HaciendaRustica accepts this method of payment for retail and wholesale transactions.

3. – All custom orders require 50% deposit with a Company check, balance to be paid with Cashier’s check made to the order of Hacienda Rustica Co. mexican rustic furniture at the confirmed shipping. We do not Ship COD (Cash on Delivery).

4. – For wholesale orders, all prices are FOB Mexicali or Ciudad Juarez,  Mexico subject to change without prior notification. we will respect the prices for orders that have been quoted or processed by HaciendaRustica.Com email records will suffice.

Retail or public can pay with personal check or all majors cards on their initial deposit and cashiers check on delivery, or most preferably using  Visa, MasterCard, Amex, or PayPal, (our preferred processor), for your safe shopping experience we honor all major credit cards.

5. – Delivery is now an option at Hacienda Rustica Co. One option is  ABF freight or other freight companies are available. These companies are not the least expensive, but are the best, most reliable and most courteous service to HaciendaRustica.Com.  In order to ensure great quality on delivery of your Mexican Rustic Furniture. Customers must provide a valid shipping address when their order is placed to avoid production and delivery delays.  All regular orders average a delivery of 3-6 weeks from deposit/payment or last modification to your mexican furniture or delivery method approval date.  Custom orders may take 3-8 weeks from deposit/payment or last modification to furniture or delivery method approval date.  Customers must inspect the goods on delivery and report to the driver if you see damage on your items, and you may request a copy of that report. Freight may represent a notable percentage on small orders, reason being all our Furniture is already assembled, and is therefore bulky for shipping.  We at HaciendaRustica.Com calculate the freight costs and negotiate the lowest prices for the convenience of our customers.  Also consider the savings on tax if you order is outside California and the fact that our manufactured products are of  superior quality. We value the time, effort, and customer satisfaction that goes into every item we craft.

6. – HaciendaRustica.Com is not responsible for merchandise that is lost, damaged, or delayed by any shipping company. All claims must be made to  the Freight Company within one week of receipt of goods. If packaging is damaged, please indicate this on the bill of lading or referred as BOL Original Delivery slip must be kept.  If a replacement is necessary, the furniture cannot be of different dimensions then the original shipment, reason being some customers order without understanding furniture dimensions.  


7. – The style of the furniture is RUSTIC, therefore, it is subject to irregularities due to the handcrafted process. Color and dimensions may change slightly. Normal cracking adds to the furniture handcrafted beauty and uniqueness of the piece, so it may not be considered a reason for return. If clients explicitly request unpolished, unfinished or non-rustic furniture, they must inform us in the initial quote.

8. – Any cancellation must be made in writing within one week of acknowledgment. If merchandise has been shipped, customer must pay for freight plus 15% restocking fee. This is non-negotiable.

9. – HaciendaRustica.Com reserves the right to cancel items that are no longer available. Orders for discontinued items will not be accepted, even though we have not discontinued any items since 1995. EXCEPION: SOME ITEMSWHICH ARE NO LONGER DISPLAYED ON THE CARVED AND PAINTED LINE AS OF JUNE 2000.

10. – All returns or local repairs are accepted without prior written authorization. All replacements required to have a new purchase order issued. 

In order to supply consistent quality on Mexican Hacienda Furniture manufactured by HaciendaRustica.com, We are not opening new wholesale accounts as of October 2001 until further notice! We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

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About Us

In 1946 our founder started making replicas of old church benches in central Mexico, soon doors and then podiums, he became an employer of several fine artisans, he also became well known for his expertise, Don Mauro made much of the wood work needed for many beautiful old churches all over Guanajuato Mexico. 

In 1952 He founded “Muebles Coloniales de Guanajuato S. A.”  and open his market not just to the clergy, but to retail businesses,  and  made accessible solid wood furniture,  clients varied from Private sc

Our Factory now has approximately   28 (as of Winter  2001) permanent full time carpenters and artisans and up to 52 depending on demand. Many of our employees are 2nd and 3rd generation from our original artisans. Our founder as he is remembered decided in July 4th 2000, to turn the factory into an employee owned and operated manufacturing plant. On February 12 2006 the company entered partnership ensuring the legendary quality commitment to customer base. Enjoy excellent natural Mexican hacienda furniture.

This old method of human imperfection and uneven stain application has given us that distinctive vintage appearance furniture and has given us great reputation for over 20 years.

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Offices (* must call for an appointment)

           3855 East Cesar E. Chavez Avenida     

        Los Angeles, California 90063-1804

323 480 6713

Offices (* must call for an appointment)

            questions..?   sales@HaciendaRustica.Com

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