Classic Armoire Collection: Please click on pictures for better detail.

If you need a special size, please bear foremost in mind: all of our pieces are made on demand. Your personalized size will be made at no extra charge to certain size presets advertised on our page.

We will send you pictures of similar requested furnishings per request.

If you do not see the Armoire that you want, please send us a picture, even if you saw it in a Movie, or TV Series.

We do not keep furniture in warehouses nor containers. (no bugs, no zap,  All-American sustainable Wood)

No Petroleum based products used on our furniture, no allergenic materials, zero VOC,  water base colors, great variety. We use only Sustainable U.S. 100% natural wood  ( Pine, Alder, Oak, Maple )

HaciendaRustica  experience manufacturing since 1946

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