Mesquite furniture... consider the following

Mesquite wood furniture is obtainable, it will get to you. However we at Hacienda Rustica would like you to consider other fine and more beautiful wood species from sustainable sources.

Mesquite poaching ruins beautiful landscapes and contributes to erosion.

Deforestation in Mexico and the moving forest frontier

Mexico has lost more than half of its natural forests. An average of more than 705 051 ha per year of forests was lost between 1997-1993. This rate then increased to 819 591 ha per year from 1994-2000, according to a recent study by Herrera (2003). During the last couple of years, the average number of hectares deforested reached close to one million per year. This is a tragedy, as along with the forest crop, top soil, habitats, biodiversity, time and money are lost. Man-made deserts are growing in Mexico, the commercial timber line is moving up the slopes and the forest frontiers are being pushed up the mountains by pressure from farmers, cattle raisers, fruit orchards, coffee plantations and local landless fieldworkers.

Deforestation in Mexico has been a collective misfortune caused by poverty, misconceived government policies, greed of some loggers, tree poaching, and poor technical supervision. Some forest management plans are causing genetic erosion through dysgenic selection, which eventually will degrade the forest productivity and sustainability in the long term. In the tropics, selective logging along the roads will end up with species substitution and genetic dilapidation.

The most common causes of deforestation and forest degradation are the following:

• illegal logging for firewood and charcoal;

• illegal logging for industrial wood products;

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