Hacienda Rustica <haciendarustica.com@gmail.com> Feb 15 (1 day ago) to Ray Hello Ray, a unit similar to the picture with the middle tower with some small variations, will cost $1,680.00 delivered. Ships in 3 pieces, all 100% natural wood, drawers on glides, please allow 8 to 10 weeks, based on todays schedule. I will reply tonight or send you a custom link for your order, if you request so.

Hacienda Rustica <haciendarustica.com@gmail.com>

Feb 16 (2 days ago)
to Ray

Ray and Dee Custom Vanity

each additional drawer is 32.00dls.  add 192.00 ( Steel full extension)

1,680.00 + 192.00 = 1872  50% deposit = $936.00
If yo decide  we will send you an Invoice,, pleaser allow 8-10 for delivery.

average is much less, (but its unusually busy)

Thank You

Oscar Almaguer


Ray & Dee Hicks

Feb 17 (1 day ago)

to me


We decided we want the unit with the extra drawers.  Please remember we want it in the medium finish.  As soon as we receive the invoice from you we will send you the $936 via paypal or credit card.  We hope the unit ships sooner rather than later.



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