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to Wilson
Hi Wilson, your quote is , $589.00 door lite in Alder wood, Model #32  as in picture bellow add 300.00 for pre-hinged/hung with interior and exterior moldings, 200 for packing and shipping. $1,089.00.
 allow 2-6 weeks from order date.
Thank You
Oscar Almaguer
PS; pictures attached were sent by customer yesterday these are for the Earl in Palm Springs link I shared with you.


Customer will pick up door from Los Angeles. We received pattern on 7.20.15.

$889.00 +  Tax = $973.45   Allow 4-6 weeks from order date.  50% deposit/Balance  $486.72

Wilson Schooley
8697-C La Mesa Blvd #224
La Mesa, CA 91942
United States

Item Title:
1 custom Arched door per pattern style # 32, order for will call
Item Number:
see details @ http://mexicanfurniturehacienda.com/project/wilson-schooley-custom-doors/

Web Accept Payment Received (Unique Transaction ID #84T636837E296822D)

Jul 21, 2015
13:22:34 PDT
Deposit Completed


Transaction number:
$130.00  via Chase transfer 50% deposit
1  added 27″ arched window in alder

October 3, 2015

paid  50% deposit on door  $486.20, added a window and paid 50% deposit $130.00 total paid $616.20

balance for door and window is $616.20.  I asked for 200 for delivery, I will take only $100.00.

Total balance $716.20.   Thank You Wilson and my work is guaranteed for 30 years so you better stick around.

Sincerely  Oscar Almaguer  HaciendaRustica.com



Custom Alder door and window, delivered.

My previews numbers were wrong, I stand corrected, my confusion was with taxes in the 1st deposit, those were paid.

On 7.21.15 Deposit made for $486.72 via Paypal taxes included.

The same amount 486.72 is the balance for the door, no worries about delivery of $100, you were right I did offered to go on my way of travel.

Added to the order, 1 solid alder rustic window same construction as a door, tenon and mortised, pre-hung frames/jams, rustic lock, silicon seal 1/4″ plate glass window.  $260.00 + 23.4 tx =  $283.40  minus deposit <130> = $153.4  balance for the window,, delivered.

Good price for you, my client.

You placed a deposit on Chase for 130.00 on 8.17.15 so balance on the window is $153.40 + 486.72 = $640.12 taxes included. no delivery fees.

Balance on door and window, taxes included

Wilson Adam Schooley

Sep 17 (11 days ago)

to me

Hi Oscar.  Thank you for your note, delivering the door and window, and the offer on the gate. I’d love to take you on both that and your looking at the install. Unfortunately (1) after the door/window didn’t get delivered last week or weekend as planned, my contractor had no more space in his schedule and is now booked until October, and (2) I had to travel out of state unexpectedly and am in Chicago now, and will be gone here and in Boston until 9/29. Perhaps after that…?

Wilson Adam Schooley

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