Vincent Macaluso
Attachments11:23 AM (13 hours ago)

to me
Oscar, Ok, I’m ready
8 Fish chairs 2 ea design as in Photo
1 Heavy duty Plain Dinning table in the RED Color ( many coats of poly on the top !) No carving (need a sketch of table design
We prefer Plain,with hd square legs in each corner (appox 4″x4″ ?) room to fit 3 chairs per side between the legs and one at each end no glass top. Extra Paint for Cabinets.
Without Carved top and no glass should reduce cost-correct?
Shipped to Deluxe Freight forwarders Attached Shipping info:
Please email order for deposit. Needs to be at Deluxe by October 15th ( my container will be there then..)
muchas gracias
Vincent Macaluso
38 Pelican Dr. Avalon, NJ 08202
fax 609-961-0390

Hacienda Rustica <>
Aug 26 (2 days ago)


to Vincent
Hola Vicente, Dining Set with 8 chairs , 2 turtles, 2 seahorses, 2 parrot fish and 2 clown tropical fish, matching carved and painted dining table. Solid natural U.S. wood.

Same price as mid-2005 prices, $4,320.00 solid natural wood, carved painted and coated with clear satin polyurethane. Packed, delivered and insured.

50 % deposit allow 8-12 weeks from order date.

see sample page

Thank You
Oscar Almaguer

start your order now

$2,100.00 50% deposit/balance

Ship to:

Deluxe Frt In Doral FL.

Needs to be at Deluxe by October 15th ( my container will be there then..)

Order Description: Shopping Cart
Item Total: $2,100.00 USD
Sales Tax (6.00%): $126.00 USD
Shipping: $0.00 USD
Handling: $0.00 USD

Total amount: $2,226.00 USD
Fee amount: -$64.85 USD
Net amount: $2,161.15 USD
Issue a refund Help
You have up to 60 days to refund the payment.

Date: Aug 29, 2015
Time: 13:03:35 PDT
Status: Completed

Contact Telephone: 610-613-2542

Credit for <126.00>

New Balance $1,974.00

pay balance for timely shipping

Balance $1.974.00 no taxes

Hacienda Rustica <>
10:16 AM (13 hours ago)

to Vincent
Hola Vicente, here are some pictures, it was late last night but all is finished, I need to go back to the factory this morning and take last pictures before we load and run to cross border and ship today. I wish I had an extra day. Please pay for the balance I will send those from Los Angeles this evening, by then I will have BOL as well, I have to prepay freight for this large crate. Please take a look at the progress pictures of yesterday, and click on the yellow button.

Thank You
Oscar Almaguer

custom made furniture by HR

wood furniture good for you and good for your family, wood.

Crunch time Vincent

Hacienda Rustica <>
1:03 PM (12 hours ago)

to Vincent

I will send touch up oil base paint in every color. Please take care of balance so we can ship. we don’t ship COD.
Vincent Macaluso
2:59 PM (10 hours ago)

to me
Oscar, Please do an export Invoice to me for the balance only.
ON YOUR Letterhead..Have Pay Pal bill me as before.. As full payment.
List 8 Chairs and one Table (with Description. )
TOTAL Price $1,974.00 Delivered to Doral FL.
No Problem. Please send photos only not to include on a previous Email.
TOO many pages//
Thanks, Vince
Hacienda Rustica <>
3:01 PM (10 hours ago)

to Vincent
I will do it shortly, but it is 3.00 PM in Tijuana Mexico. Shipping will have to be tomorrow if all taken cared of today, I will try my best, had people on hold…

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