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Mar 4

to me
Hi Oscar,

Waiss and I have been trying to get ahold of you by phone but are having no luck. Waiss wants to pay by check, what’s the total on the 25% progress payment so I can cut the check? Or should I just make it out for $8404.25?

And did you want to stop here at Prefab and pick it up? Or meet Waiss at Via Capri to discuss the door casings and pick it up there? If you’re in a hurry, I figure you probably won’t want to me mail it.

Regarding the door casings – he’d like 3″ casings with some detailing- I”ll email you some pics as soon as Waiss gets them to me.

Call or email asap!



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From: Hacienda Rustica <>
To: Waiss Kader Prefab import dept <>
Sent: Tuesday, March 4, 2014 11:21 AM
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Hello Waiss, if you can give me specs on the larger casings with some nice details I will appreciate it or have your installer fax them to me.

I made the 1st half of doors with the most common sizes, some are for upstairs and some for downstairs.

The remainder doors are mostly done but I will do whatever you ask, please make the agreed progress payment ASAP and I will deliver more doors and meet with your installer ASAP. I am getting heat from boss.

Thank You
Oscar Almaguer
ps I will send you link again shortly.

On Sun, Mar 2, 2014 at 6:31 PM, Waiss Kader Prefab import dept <> wrote:

Hello Oscar,
I wanted to touch base with you regarding the doors. The downstairs doors are good with small casing
but the larger ones for the upstairs we will need larger casings with some nice details. Please e mail me back regarding this. As for the glass you said you would send me some pictures.
By the way do you know any person that does garage doors.

Thank You,

Waiss Kader, President
Prefab Granite Depot
8400 Miramar Road, San Diego, Ca, 92126
(858) 717-4321


Hacienda Rustica <>
Mar 5

to cat
Hi Cat, sorry today has been busy, just made it home. No problem I am in no hurry you can mail it, however Credit/Debit Card or Check Payment will incur in CA Tax.

As I mention to you a straight deposit or transfer to the Bank of America in the name of HaciendaRustica will save you the taxes.

I will continue with the order a few days after 2 week due progress payment clear the bank.

no taxes advise to waiss

Sample on 25% Credit Card Payment


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waiss kader (The sender of this payment is Unregistered)
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Invoice #03.04.91916.CA.B
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Amount received:
$9,143.82 USD
Fee amount:
-$265.47 USD
Net amount:
$8,878.35 USD

Mar 6, 2014
11:01:44 PST

Contact Telephone:

waiss kader
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CREDIT CARD FEES  I PAID  $265.47 x 4 = $1,061.88 ON 33  DOORS ONLY

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