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CR Cole
1:48 PM (18 hours ago)

to me
I’m looking to have two pieces of furniture made, the ArmE1Small Armoire and the Spanish Cupboard. I will be using the armoire as a free standing pantry so I would like to add some extra shelving if possible. I would also like it to be 78″ high. The Spanish cupboard will be the large version (72″ long) but I would also like it to be 78″ high. I would like both of them in dark stain. Can you please give me a quote on these? Thank you!

Chris Cole

Hacienda Rustica <>
6:14 AM (2 hours ago)

to CR
Hello Chris, ArmE1 Size 38″w x 78″h x 18″d $862.10

Spanish Style Cupboard 72″ x 78″h x 20″d (16″ hutch) $1,648.00

Delivered, please allow 4-8 weeks from deposit date, I will be happy to make a custom page with the details of your order including pictures of progress and pictures of the finished furnishings before shipping.

Thank You
Oscar Almaguer

sample of custom page.
CR Cole
7:19 AM (1 hour ago)

to me
Hi Oscar,
What do you need for a deposit to start?
Hacienda Rustica <>
7:29 AM (1 hour ago)

to CR
Hello Chris, $862.10 + $1,648.00= 2,510.10 50% = $1,255.05
Includes Delivery and Dark Walnut Minwax Satin. I can send you and Invoice at your request then I will make a custom page with transaction information and details of your order. Please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery from deposit date.


CR Cole
8:00 AM (2 hours ago)

to me
Ok go ahead and get started. Send me a Paypal request to this address please. Thank you!

50 % Deposit Balance.  Transaction will be posted within  24 hours.


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