Ale, I collect from this job, $3,800.00 COD by next weekend if I have the money to finish the job.

I need 1,000 min or 2,500.00 to do this and other COD jobs.

  Te debo $ 1,635.00 ( 1500 + 135 tx) see link  *

de este trabajo de Laurie Kelly te page lo que te debo, con toda seguridad.

A esta cliente le  sobra el dinero y se que me va  ordenar mas y recomendar aun mas. pero estoy a punto de quedarle mal.

 y en 2 semanas que entregue los COD jobs,  nuevo te pago los 2,500.00

si puedes seria un deposito a

Rene I Almaguer
Acct # 563825228
Rout # 322271627
Chase Bank

Hacienda Rustica <>

Aug 8 (4 days ago)

to Scott
Scott, sorry for the troubles, I told them the same, 21 days will not allow me to manufacture and deliver in the promised time. This may be the best option if you can, when you can, a bank transfer from bank to bank and keep PayPal out.
Again my apologies.
Thank You
Oscar Almaguer
Rene Almaguer
ps I will send you some orders delivered near your area.


Aug 9 (3 days ago)

to me
Hey Oscar and Rene,
I just saw the email. We only have email in the main lobby (15 min. Walk). I will talk to you when I get back and we can do a transfer. I don’t have any of my bank information with me in Costa Rica. Talk to you on Sunday or Monday ifSunday doesn’t work. Thank.
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