Sarah Perreault <>

Jun 27 (4 days ago)

to sales

I was wondering if you could tell me approximately how much 2 Mexican rustic style bookcases with 6 shelves (no drawers or doors) that are each 44″ wide 12″ deep and approximately 74″ high.

As well as an additional one that is 30″ wide 12″ deep and approx 74″ high.
Shipped to Florida USA
Thanks so much

Hacienda Rustica <>

Jun 27 (4 days ago)

to Sarah

Hello Sarah, $1,800.00 delivered all 3 pieces with 6 adjustable shelves plus the bottom deck.

Please allow 4-6 weeks from 50 % deposit date.
If you would like to move forward I will send you a custom link with the details of you order and Paypal button.
 We make a vintage finish with Driftwood color finish for $200 extra for all 3 pieces.
Thank You
Oscar Almaguer

Sarah Perreault

AttachmentsJun 30 (1 day ago)

to Dan, me


I’ve made a size adjustment on 2 of the bookcases from 44″ to 42″.  I’m attaching drawings for the 2 sizes. (my husband is an engineer :)) So it’s 2) 42″ wide bookcases and 1) 30″ wide bookcase
We are trying to match the style and color of a Mexican rustic set we purchased about 11 years ago from a company we can no longer locate in Mexico. I am also attaching a picture of one of those pieces for your reference. It is a very light not dark color. If you need a picture taken in full sun rather than shade let me know and I will happily redo it.
Do you send a picture of the items before shipping for approval?  If not would you be willing to do that?  I’d really like to make sure before we inconvenience you with shipping and then have to return.
I am very excited to be working with you on expanding my space.

Hacienda Rustica <>

11:56 AM (22 hours ago)

to Sarah

Hello Sarah, those are very nice drawings, makes it easier for us.  I will adjust the price it should be a little less, since its all quuoted by square foot.

I will make a custom page for you withh all the detail of you order, you may only 50% deposit until you see High Def. pictures before packing  for shipping.
I will do this in the next 2 days.
Here’s your 50% Deposit button from PayPal

Jul 8, 2016 07:40:02 PDT
Transaction ID: 7L594111TP428483F


deposit placed, balance to be less then deposit, will be adjusted,

75 x 44 =22.91 sq ft original request
75 x 42 = 21.87 sq ft modification size

30 x 75= 15.62 sq ft

61.44 sq ft original

59.36 aq ft modified

29.29 sq ft x 59.36= 1,739.06
deposit 900.00 balance $839.06

Balance $839.06 packing/delivery included

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