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Feb 10

to Loren

Hello Lauren, delivery would be in our truck as most Southern California and Mexico deliveries.

We carry different styles of furniture and specialize in Mexican hacienda.

HaciendaRustica.com is our old website that should be in re-direct to MexicanFurnirureHacienda.com We honor the prices you see published.

We have our offices in Los Angeles, We use these facilities to pack and ship orders throughout the West Coast, you are welcome to come and see random orders, it is different every week.

Our online line catalog is our showroom, and clients’ details and specifications are the brick and mortar of our furnishings.

Send a list of the items you are interested in, describe the finish you have in mind, you may send drawings, pictures, links, etc  We will be happy to quote for you.

Bob Richardson Cabos

Thank You

Oscar Almaguer


to me
AttachmentsFeb 25


The bed would have a short foundation (only 5.5″ high) and a latex mattress (9″) for a total of 14.5″.  We would want the final height of the bedding to be no more than 28.5″  (and our beside tables are 28″).  We’re not super short, but we don’t want to have to climb up into a bed.  The height of our mattress here in Oregon is about 25″.

If the headboard is shortened to 60″ tall, then I assume that the footboard would be a little lower as well?  Did you find a picture and/or do you have an idea of how tall the footboard would be?

Three weeks is appealing.  Could you also get the Haceinda dresser (with the matching skirt you proposed) done in that time as well?

Here’s our situation.  We’re flying down to Orange County on about March 14 and staying until about March 22-23.

Three weeks from yesterday would be Friday March 17th.  Is that at all realistic for you to order and receive and do your magic in LA and deliver to us in Laguna Woods (just south of Irvine) in that timeframe?  Or is that just crazy to imagine?

If we miss the window of opportunity when we’re there in March, it might be late April or even May before we could come down again.   So you’d have to be willing to hold onto the bed and dresser for a couple of months for delivery then.

What do you think?  (If it works any better, I can also call on the phone.)


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Santa Isabel bed in queen size at $1360 +680 Hacienda Dre custom sized, deliver in Laguna Hills, Ca
50% deposit/balance see details of this order @ http://mexicanfurniturehacienda.com/project/loren-custom-santa-isabel-bed/
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CA (10%) $102.00
Total $1,122.00
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Total $2,040.00 50% deposit/balance $1,020.00

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Loren Lutzenhiser

Apr 30 (5 days ago)

to me

Oscar,  it’s working out fine.  The work is stunning.  You have an amazing business and I will do my best to spread the word far and wide.  Thanks for all of your patience as our situation changed in unexpected ways.  Also, good luck to your son with his Canadian girl friend.  Canada and BC is amazing I think, but as for Portland and Seattle, cold, wet and dark most of the time.   –Loren

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