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Good afternoon,
I have a few questions about one of your armoires that I saw online. The item number is Arm16PkDos (it’s the TV armoire with pocket doors). I’m interested in the small.

My first question is do you still carry this piece?
If so, are you able to make this armoire 18″ deep as mentioned on your website?
If this is possible, what would be the overall dimensions? (I understand this may be an estimate)
Will the price be the same as the small quoted online ($890, I believe, including delivery)?
Final question…how long does it typically take to receive the furniture once the order is placed?
I live in a small barndominium and I think this would be perfect for my living area…the pocket doors would be very efficient and the 18″ depth would help too. Because the space is so small I just want to make sure it will fit before ordering since I can’t see it in person (I’m in Texas).
Thank you for your help,

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Julianna Reese
4404 CR 416
Navasota, TX 77868
United States
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Nov 5, 2016
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Pocket doors Armoire in pine wood, dimensions 40″w x 69″h x 18″ deep

In Honey color stain.

50% deposit/balance $ 445.00 delivered by 12.31.16.

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Julianna Reese
4404 CR 416
Navasota, TX 77868

50% Deposit Payment Received (Unique Transaction ID # 1JR81260T7809620T)


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