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Oct 26 (10 days ago)

to sales


I’m interested in getting quote on a few doors. I wasn’t able to find the item number on one of the doors. It is the square frame with the arched door inside the frame with wrought iron. Hopefully I’ve described it correctly lol.  The measurements are 85×60 prehung in mahogany.   The other door is the  Roma, with same measurements and material.   Lastly, if I could also get a quote for a single Roma door measuring 85×44?  I am in the market for a courtyard door and love #29 but I don’t have the measurements on that yet.  Thank you so much!

Irene Zervos

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Hacienda Rustica <>
Oct 28 (8 days ago)

to irene

Hello Irene, the cost on either door in solid Mahogany is 2,200 each packed and delivered, if you only want the color to be mahogany and use 8/4′ U.S. solid pine the doors are 1,400 each packed and delivered.

Thank You

Oscar Almaguer


ps; I can give you a suggestion of door style if I can see a picture of you façade

irene zervos

Oct 31 (5 days ago)
to me
Good morning,
Ive attached a couple of pictures of the front of the home we are remodeling. We will be replacing the existing front double doors, and also adding a separate structure in part of the courtyard which will have its own entrance.  This is what I am leaning toward now:

For the existing doors-1 set of the square framed/arched doors with the iron inserts in 86×60 (double doors in pine, stained in a dark walnut)

For the new addition I was thinking to do a matching single door 85×44, If you could get me a price on the square frame/arched/iron in that size in 85×44 since I Don’t think I got that priced.

Like I mentioned we will also be needing the arched courtyard door (shown in the picture) I just need to have my husband measure that for me.

Recommended for entry door Hard wood: 85″ h x 60″w x 2″ Large double door in the style of Square frame with arch window is $ 2,200.00 in Solid Mahogany wood,  delivery, Pre-hung frame interior/exterior moldings, vintage or polished finish.  add $300 for 1/4″ clear or frosted white single glass or send specs for a particular glass. or $ 1400.00 in Pine plus glass.

We recommend same arched doors for Courdyard entry and side windows in Pine wood. $1,400.00 for an approximate size of 9′ x 4′ no glass. Each window with matching wrought iron approximate size 3′ x 6′ $ 700.00 each.


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