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12:47 PM (31 minutes ago)

to me

Thank you for the emails – they are very helpful.

Are you certain the upholsterer in Mexico can do the work?  I am concerned the chairs will be delivered and the leather not done properly.

If we can become certain about the leather, I would like 14 chairs total –

·         stained lighter and

·         semi-gloss finish

·         the leather finished with color and protectant similar to the existing chairs,

·         leather all done in Mexico by upholsterer

·         carving on the foot

·         iron hammered clavos

Does this list reflect your understanding?  If so, please send me what you require to begin the process.

Thank you –

Hilary K

626-xxx-xxxx, 119

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clavos size difference

diameter within the leather

We got the wrong size ----- 3/8" larger than what we ordered

We will get 1" as it should be. I am very sorry, for the inconvenience.
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