Hi Omar its Denise from Atlanta.
We spoke yesterday I would love a quote for the arched doors with the wrought iron middle. I need two sets the openings are as follows……501/2 inches wide opening and a 9 foot 10 inch tall opening and the depth of the wall opening is actually 4 1/2 inches because its a 2×4 plus the sheet rock on both sides….this is all the rough opening measurements. Please send me a quote. Again thank you so much for your time.


Hacienda Rustica <haciendarustica.com@gmail.com>

Jun 12

to Denise

Hello Denise, 84 sq feet of door with 1/2″ solid forged wrought iron, double door.

 2 sets of Vintage textures double doors, 5 hinges per door.

3,600.00 or 1800.00 each set. less 20%  in Pine, no glass.
 FOB San Ysidro, Ca.  Allow 4-5 weeks from order date. deposit 50%
or $3,600.00 net in Alder.
freight should be like 400-600
Thank You
Oscar Almaguer


These doors will be made in solid sugar Pine wood in a vintage texture finish with a medium brown diluted stain and 1/2″ solid forged iron.


$1,080.00 balance

Denise Drake
7:33 PM  7.1.14 (33 minutes ago)

to me
Hi Oscar,
I paid the down payment of $1800.00. I want to go with the pine, no glass so the 2 sets should cost me 3600 less the $720.00(20%) = $2880.00 (deposit of $1800) leaves balance due of $1080.00 + 400.00 shipping. Here is the picture of the doors. I would like the double doors to be arched at top including the jam. I am sending you a photo of the place where the 2 sets of doors are going.

Custom forged wrought iron door for Denise

Hacienda doors in in solid Pine wood with vintage texture and finish.

Customer  Deposit Transaction ID: 0DJ74966A4425494M  July 1st 2014
scott drake
Note from customer
Shipping address – confirmed
Denise Drake
xxxx Basnett Drive
alpharetta, GA 30004-0882
United States

Old hacienda pool

Natural stone, solid wood, solid wrought iron, naturally awesome...
wrought iron arched top doors
wrought iron arched top door
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