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to sales

I would like to get our exact cost on the 4 items shown in the attached scan. The only difference in what you show on the A desk is that I need a file drawer and an additional drawer above the file on the right side…in other words the right drawers will be just like the left side…see drawing attached. These will all be in medium finish. Optionally I need the cost for a matching 5 drawer dresser that would be 30” wide, 20” deep and 48-52” tall all with steel hardware. (same medium finish)

Is there a difference if we pick up in LA? I will need these items in 5 weeks.

Garry 619 885 1000

Solid U.S natural pine wood furniture

3 drawers file cabinet     580.00

bookcase straight top     640.00

small drawer/bookcase  598.00

Style A corner desk xtra drawer    $1,390.00 total  $ 3,208.00  deposit/balance $ 1,604.00


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