Hello Tom, I will update this page with all details including Paypal Transaction ID.

Tom Lawler
2:14 AM (7 hours ago)

to me
I am ready to get it on order – what is the next step for me?? – I am also interested in knowing if you are able to do the 82” height and the 180 degree hinges


Tom Lawler
3767 Piney Mountain Rd
Walnut Cove, NC 27052

Tom Lawler
Attachments12:10 PM (21 minutes ago)

to me
Thanks for calling me and I feel better on the Armoire – so if my calculations are correct:


~ the outside dimensions will be – 55” x 82” x 20” – again the 82” would be at the top of the arch – dimensions are approximate
~ 180 degree hinges so the doors fold back against the body
~ inside dimension – as long as I can get my 48 ½” wide TV in there, all is good – –
~ shelf where TV sits will be approximately 32” from the floor
~ please leave the adjustable shelves loose and I will attach when I get it

Your Com 18 –

~ close but really don’t need the drawers (drawers are expensive to build)
~ dimensions of the one below are 48w x 25h x 20d – but it can vary –
~ wanted something slightly off the ground – does not have to be bun feet
~ kind of like the glass doors
~ this pic is from San Carlos Imports

Hacienda Rustica <haciendarustica.com@gmail.com>
12:28 PM (23 minutes ago)

to Tom
Hi Tom, I can duplicate that console just like in the picture, same dimensions as well for $467.99 and ship together with Armoire.
I will send you a link shortly.

Mexican Armoire Sol

Feb 6, 2015 11:10:51 PST

Tom Lawler
3767 Piney Mountain Rd
Walnut Cove, NC 27052

$1,447.99 USD
Transaction ID: 9J963497BP758654L

Tom Lawler

Color Stain

Estimated to ship on 4.20.15 ETA  4.24 or 4.27.15

carved Mexican sun on pine wood
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