100 % solid wood Vit Tabasco                                                                                                                  Invoice 1.14.15.FL.1

74″ h x 60″w x 20″d bottom and 14″ top w/ glass

Carved, painted …beautiful, one of a kind!

all drawers on glides

$ 1,590.00

$51.29 sq ft. delivery included.


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to me

I just purchased this home in Florida and going with a hacienda/spanish theme….Ive included pictures of the wall as well as the dining room table and chairs so we can figure out a design to compliment the style and color . The previous picture I sent is of a china hutch that I had in mind but I want something without a lot of scroll work. The wall is approximately 15ft long and standard 10ft ceilings. The hutch will be the focal point so I would imagine between 72 and 84in in width.”


Custom Cupboard in the configuration of the Tabasco Cupboard, in the color of your existing furniture “Red oak stain” over pine wood with some wrought iron accents. The Unit will be 84′ in width and 72″ in height or 42 sq. ft.  $2,154.18 Buffet cabinet at 36″ in height x 20″ in depth, upper glass door cabinet 15″ in depth. This unit will have custom lighting system U.L. label.  One control switch for upper cabinet, light behind each of the 4 glass doors  and One switch control for illumination of deck on buffet cabinet. $340.00 $2,494.18 total with delivery, allow 3-6 weeks from order date. Included in this quotation are the wrought iron doors and delivery. The price bellow is 50% deposit/balance $ 1,467.09

 Deposit received.


Custom Mexican Hacienda cupboard with wrought Iron doors

We can do this style and configuration, with solid wrought iron doors at $440.00, this will include some wrought iron clavos and corner braces and the extra weight in the freight cost. This costs  are included in the quotation.

This will get the order scheduled for production, and we will talk about details before production.

Thank You

Oscar Almaguer


I will replace this drawing for a much better one, I just wanted to get the dimensions as notes.

Custom China mexican rustic
Custom China mexican rustic
Buffet Custom China mexican rustic
Custom China mexican rustic
Custom China mexican rustic
Custom China mexican rustic
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