Custom double bookcase, in Honey color as in picture, delivered, please allow 3-5 weeks from order date.

“Deborah Schreier
9:40 AM (41 minutes ago)

to me
Hi Oscar,

Ok….I think we are ready to go. The dimensions you sent are fine — 74″ high, 15″ deep and 87″ wide measured from the left side to the right bottom moulding.
The left side is flush (flat without the upper and lower moulding sticking out) as are the sides for the two to be joined together.
One additional request…. on the end right side as you face the units, we would like the UPPER RIGHT MOULDING to be flush as well. The LOWER MOULDING SHOULD STAY AS IS. We assume that the edge with be stained the same as the unit.

Please call when you can and we can confirm all of the details. We will be ready to send you the 50% deposit.

Thanks very much.

Deborah lib2 Mexican rustic wooden bookcase
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