4  drawers 4″ deep each, and balance space 2 doors

40” W ( back width) x 16.5” D x 34” H  with clipped corners.

Sealer (pre-stain) with double stain Dark Walnut and normal 3 coats semi-gloss poly

$780.00 packed/delivered 50% deposit/balance

custom console in solid pine

$780.00 delivered/insured

50% deposit/balance $390.00


Less 10% promised <$78.00> to customer for delay. Balance $312.00


New order for January 2019

Height: 34”

Width: approx. 40” (the previous cabinet had a body width of 39.5” and table top width of 42.5” — so that is fine, but it can be an inch or two little narrower as long as drawer dimensions are correct)

Depth: approx. 18”

We would like 4 total drawers, two on each side (instead of one on each side) — drawers will be shallower than before — would like 4” inside height.

Interior of drawers should be approx. 10” W x 13” D (same as before, just shallower)

Below the drawers would be the same side by side cabinet doors with a middle partition and one adjustable shelf on each side

If you can make the overall cabinet shallower than 18” depth while keeping the drawers with an interior depth space of 13”, that would be good (not sure how much dead space there is to work with) – cabinet will be in the dining area so slightly shallower will give more space to walk around it between it and the table

Same clipped corners as the old one, same detail on sides, drawers, doors.

40x 16.5 x 34″h 4 drawers on Full extension glides.

========= GENERAL INFORMATION =========
Merchant : haciendarustica.com (2058265)
Date/Time : 19-Jan-2019 14:53:19 PST

========= ORDER INFORMATION =========
Invoice : 1-18-19-2
Description : custom console in solid pine
$780.00 delivered/insured  50% deposit/balance $390.00
Amount : 390.00 (USD)
Payment Method: Visa xxxx1834
Transaction Type: Authorization and Capture

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