Robert Morecock
Feb 28 (1 day ago)

to me
Alright oscar. i need to make this decision. I have put the tequila and cafe down for a moment. I have two may have more.
A)I would like to see your sketch for the doors to be added to the spanish entertainment unit (non-“modern” style as pictured on online). Can that basic design be given the “floating panels” of a Spanish armoire and also put those type panels in the doors? Curious how the doors would look, work and integrate with the top molding of the bookcases…
B) perhaps i could just ask for a Spanish Armoire (like ARM E1 Med-but 48w/78-80h/22d) with a set of matching bookcases to fit in both the armoire’s dimensions and style. Perhaps 26w/72-74h/18d).
this would be another way, maybe easier to replicate the look of a Spanish entertainment system with doors.
Ok, these are my thoughts. I am looking for a system with 18d usable shelf space and a total height approx. 79-80 and a total width of approx. 100-104. And a darker richer stain than honey. All hopefully similar to prices you’ve quoted me. I just really ike the floating panels. Sorry to complicate; don’t mean too.
Many thanks. I welcome your thoughts, etc. when you can find the time.

Robert Morecock

7:00 PM (1 hour ago)

to me

a final option i sot get you to do a 48w x 25″d ARM 1 with bigger (28″) matching shelves to hit a 104″ width. Simple.Easy. Cheaper too?

But then what can i do to make it more “Mexican?”add  Iron accessories? Iron crosses in the two big panels? your thoughts? I think thats the best compromise for me. do i pick a varithane finish?

ready to order….


A 3rd option is good and is my favorite amigo.  iron work is good.

     $900.00 50% deposit/balance


Com 18 Walnut color $680.00 less 20%=544.00    50% deposit balance $272.00

Mar 25, 2015 16:26:25 PDT   $272.00
Transaction ID: 6FT49974EY1849834

May 4, 2015 19:04:17 PDT
Transaction ID: 6F8669792W4803733Payment 1,172.00balance only the added carving on 4 doors.

From: Hacienda Rustica <>
Sent: Friday, May 1, 2015 12:27 PM
To: Robert Morecock
Subject: End of month, if you can pay the balance I will appreciate it.

I will ship in 2 weeks, all items are on pallet, just waiting to hang the doors.

You can pay the small balance on the carvings on all 4 doors when you receive the order.
280 for 2 upper doors and 200 for lower doors= $480.00 I will send you a PayPal button for this after furniture arrival.
I will send you pictures of the carvings before staining next week.
Please click on both PayPal buttons.

Deposit received, Thank You, you will be very happy with your Ent. Cnt.

Mar 2, 2015 14:40:19 PST
Transaction ID: 4NH45398K2653553M

robert morecock

757-671-6025 Instructions to merchant
The buyer hasn’t entered any instructions.
Shipping address – confirmed
robert morecock
4525 South Blvd, Suite 300
Virginia Beach, VA 23452

Based on the last modification on 3.9.15, the 3 piece unit will have a scrolled skirt on all 3 pieces, the color will be in Golden Honey, and we will add some extra wrought iron touches.


Robert Morecock

12:55 PM (2 hours ago)

to me

oscar– happy to pay the ba;dances except for the carving ( to be paid later). Thank you .

I will be back in Mexico and Ca. from May 15 thru 17th. Us it possible to avoid arrival here during those dates. I don’t have anyone here who can cover the delivery for me.



Custom carved Entertainment Center for Roberto's Hacienda

solid wood naturally

Carvings $ 480.00

ship to:Robert Morecock726 coquina lane

  Va beach , va 23451

Address correction in the works, sorry about that.

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