Hacienda Rustica <haciendarustica.com@gmail.com>
Feb 29

to Peter

I can do the carving not a problem, the cost would be same as this item. (sundance )

If you order 2 dressers and 2 nightstands with matching carving you get 10% off on order.

Let me know if you need me to send you a custom link for the order.

Please allow 4-8 weeks from order date. 50% deposit.

Thank You
Oscar Almaguer
Peter Smith
7:39 AM (1 hour ago)

to me
Oscar –

We’ve done some measuring, and sleeping on it, and forgetting about it (we have a 2 year old!) and think that a large Sundance dresser (80″x34″x20″) will do the trick. We’d also like two matching nightstands.

My questions are: will the carving just be on the top row? Can you match this color? Are these pictures clear enough? Which nightstands?

Muchas gracias,

– Pete


Deposit made:

Mar 31, 2016 08:26:27 PDT
Transaction ID: 19J48737EF874952B

Pete Smith

Shipping address – confirmed
Pete Smith
1301 South Corona
Denver, CO 80210
United States

Balance paid:
Sep 6, 2016 10:41:25 PDT
Transaction ID: 5F008264K6465054J

Custom Carved Dresser, Nightstands

Deposit/balance 50%

$965.00 delivery included

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