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Oct 16 (3 days ago)



to Alexander
Hello Scott, $664.00 #14, #15, #16, $860.00 for #22 and $860.00 for #28.Total # $3,712.00 + 400 freight = $4,112.00

Freight to FL should be under $400.00. Allow 4-8 weeks from deposit date $ 2,056.00

I shipped yesterday a similar order, to a freight terminal in Miami and paid $428.00

We schedule orders on 1st come 1st served basis, there are several quote.

Thank You
Oscar Almaguer

This is to get a final quote, please… I would like to order doors #28, double doors as in your photo. I would like them in the dark walnut stain that I saw on another door on your home page.
On the stain selection page, there is a photo over the stains featured under the name Northwest American Alder by Wagenhaeuser…that was a nice , dark color too.
The price you quoted previously was $860.00 Is this right?
Again, it’s just the two door panels and no jamb or frame or hinges.
And, the final shipping cost to Florida or New Jersey for just this unit.
Scott Kisler

$860.00  double door

$200.00 Packing /shipping

$1,060.00 please allow 4-8 weeks fro delivery. Color Chocolate vintage as Wayerhaeuser Alder sample

must confirm shipping address/contact  within 4 weeks from order date.

80"h x 60" w Arched double door

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