Here are the measurements of the actual door
-78 3/4 inch tall 35 3/4 inch wide
Depth of wall is 5 3/4
-door style is number 14.
-color stain: Mahogany (dark)
I hope the measurements are correct. Is there anyone that can come and measure?
Also, I have to show a picture to our HOA (home owners association) for approval of the door.
Please give me price and also can someone from your company install the door?
Thank you,
Maybelle Castillo

Hi Oscar,
Yes, Michael called just to make sure we’re measuring correct. Just let us know how much and once you need the exact measurement can Oscar measure? I’ll call him once we get everything rolling.
Thank you,


This door in style 14 is $580.00.

Pre-hung (with new frame) add 250.00 this will include pre-hinged, interior /exterior moldings. = $830.00 in Pine wood or $1,328.0 in Alder wood ( hard wood) In either wood it will include the Mahogany color stain and a coat of clear mate polyurethane.

Thank You
Oscar Almaguer

50% deposit to schedule order, please allow 4-8 weeks from deposit date. $1,500.00 in Alder w/ glass

$750.00 deposit/balance

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