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Hacienda Rustica <>

Mar 3

to Stefanie

Hello Stefanie, $1,200.00 with delivery, either the Roma door or a replica of this bed attached. We will provide the lower portion once you tell us the total height expected. Allow 4-6 weeks from order date.

If you would like to move forward I will send you a custom link like this sample bellow.

Stefanie Ostergard

Mar 4 (13 days ago)

to me

Hi Oscar, you are my hero! I’d like to move forward with a replica of the picture of the bed I sent. Total height would be 74 inches.

Is the delivery charge in addition to the $1200? Do you know approximately how much the delivery charge is?

Thanks again,



Hacienda Rustica <>

AttachmentsMar 4 (13 days ago)

to Stefanie
Hola Stefanie, 84 x 48 door with elevating frame for a total height of 74″. 84″ x 74″ x 2″ thick New solid Pine wood with a vintage light finish zero VOC stain Headboard, that was a long sentence. Not sure about delivery cost, I calculate based on experience 2-300 to residential in Seattle. They will call before delivery and you can upgrade from curve side delivery included on the 1200 quote. Allow 6-10 weeks, based on today’s production schedule.
 I can  send Invoice with link to order, let me know. You may also consider other wood species Alder wood $1,920.00
2 ” Cedar or Mesquite is 3k.
Thank You
Oscar Almaguer

Stefanie Ostergard
18202 NE 92nd street
Redmond, WA 98052
United States

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Total amount: $1,200.00 USD


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