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I want to have a door carved with a hollywood theme. The attached pics show s…
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Hello Marty, I am going to show you a link that will apply to your requested …

Marty West

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to me


LOVE the Dia del Muerto Image.
You said “Cedar” for 1800.  I’d prefer the cheapest….doesn’t really matter too much too me.
Don’t worry~ won’t share the link with anybody.  Thanks for sharing with me.
Yes~ make me a link I’d like to move forward with this Door.
Again; This is for an INTERIOR BEDROOM DOOR.
31 & 11/16ths WIDTH
78 & 13/16ths HEIGHT 
FULL SIZE CHARLIE CHAPLIN….WHOLE lenght of the door..just like the pic I sent you, but add a boarder.
 I want the words “Go West Young Man, Go West” on the top half of the door (with a large horseshoe) FACEING UP (going around the words.  See attached photo.  (it doesn’t need to be exact, but this is the style I want) Old west wording.
Stained Black on both sides.
PLEASE give me a quote and lets get this rolling.
How much for your cheapest Charlie Chaplin Image on outside & Dia Del Muerto on inside image? (total)
2) The “Go West Young Man, Go West” with Horseshoe around it  can be half size….like just the top half of the door… BUT, again~ Inline image 2 the Charlie Chaplin Image (sent you pic in the last email) I want FULL SIZE of the door (but with a boarder around it.)

$1,240.00 delivered, 50% deposit /balance COD

$620.00 = 50% deposit/balance

Please allow 4-8 weeks from delivery from deposit date

West Casting
310-927-6994 Instructions to merchant
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Shipping address – confirmed
West Casting
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Apr 10, 2016 15:10:48 PDT
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Go West young man

go West
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