Invoice 4.15.15

From: Gail Stevenson <>
Date: 2015-04-12 7:23 GMT-07:00
Subject: Pine furniture
To: Gail Stevenson <>

Dear Oscar:

It was nice speaking with you last week. At the time, I told you I was staying in San Diego for awhile and wanted to come see your showroom. You indicated that it was better for me to send you an e-mail with ideas of the furniture I am looking for–so here goes 🙂

First I have attempted to attach a picture of a nightstand and headboard so you can see what we want is a pretty simple design. We would like to talk with you about a QUEEN size platform be with storage. This be would be used without a box spring (temporpedic type mattress). The plateform dimentions should be approximately 62-63 inches wide, 81-82 inches long and 16-18 inches high (bottom of platform to top of platform) The top of the platform needs to have an edge around it (the top) so mattress won’t slide off. I would like for the end of the platform to have two storage drawers. We want all of the furniture in rustic pine with the honey finish.

The nightstand picture is in the style we want –matching rustic pine wood, honey finish, 20 inches wide, 28 inches high and approximately 18 inches or so deep with two drawers.
I want a pair of these.

The dresser should be approximately 65 inches wide, 29-40 inches high, which would include small legs on the bottom (maybe 4-6 inch high legs). I would like it to include 4 big drawers on the bottom–two rows–on top of the other, and one row of three smaller drawers across the top. The drawer configuration would be similar to the Sundance dresser on your website.

I hope this makes sense Oscar. Please get back to me at your earliest convenience. My telephone number is 509-998-9530, or you can respond to this e-mail address.


Gaxxxx zzzzzzzz
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Gail Stevenson <>
Apr 12 (2 days ago)

to sales
I forgot to mention that I would like a similar headboard to the one pictured that would attach to the platform bed! Gail
Hacienda Rustica <>
Apr 13 (1 day ago)

to Gail
Hello Gail, your order would total $ 2,410.00 for the Bed Platform style, 1 dresser and 2 nightstands, all stain the same day and delivered to San Diego area. Please allow 3-4 weeks from 50% deposit date.

All in US solid wood sugar pine from Washing State area.

If you would like me to write up the order let me know, I will send you a custom webpage for you similar to these.
Thank You
Oscar Almaguer

Pair of drawers are under Foot board.

“One small change is that the dresser should be 39-40 inches tall not “29-40″as I said in the original e-mail.  Thank you.  Gail”
drawer-configuration dresser

$2,610.00 Delivered,  50% deposit/balance  $1,305.00, please allow 4-8 weeks from deposit date.

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pictures bellow were sent by customer while pallet was at terminal, delivery never took place

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