Armoire 53" wide includes moldings 7" opening between accordion doors and drawers. Honey stain regular finish.

accordion doors armoire

Hi Jo, I am sorry I did not call yesterday, I have been short 2 men for a weeks and I am short in labor.

$1,690 12 panel bed.  with platform style or regular 7 pc. bed.

$1,370 8 panel bed platform or 7 pc bed.
 Armoire  $949 all pine stained Honey no extra charge for accordion doors prices are base from the old page
 Thank You
 Oscar Almaguer

Josephine Hart
Mar 11
to me
Hi Oscar,

Thanks for this. Sorry, you must be overworked, hope the others come back soon!

OK, we would like the 8 panel bed with a platform base. According to the manufacturer of our mattress, we can use the mattress without the box spring as long as the platform is a completely solid wood surface (not slatted). Can you make the platform a solid wood surface? Can you still make it so the bed won’t make any noise?

The size of the platform (not including headboard) should be 77” wide x 81” long (to accommodate our mattress which is 76”W x 80”L).

Our bedside tables are 31” high, so we would like the top of the mattress to be 31” also. Our mattress measures 10” high. We would like the top of the headboard to be 36” high from the top of the mattress. So we can put just plain wood below the carvings if need be to make the headboard tall enough.

Please see my sketch below for dimensions and details.

Simple frame around carvings and simple legs (no posts).

Both bed and armoire in light honey pine.

So if you can update our custom page, we can make the 50% deposit of the $2,319 total for both pieces = $1159.50. Please confirm that the $2,319 total includes delivery, insurance and tax.

Thanks so much!
(719) 239-3353

 50% of $2319 = $1,159.50
– cross support under bullnose solid platform for the bed
– inside dimensions of armoire as discussed to fit our tv size (do you want to include my sketch of armoire with dimensions on the custom page?)
– both bed and armoire in LIGHT HONEY finish
Once I get your final confirmation on all this, I will make the deposit.
Thanks so much!

Josephine Hart

5:41 PM (1 minute ago)

to me

Thanks!  What about these 2 questions:

Also, I wanted to make sure that it was clear (as indicated on the sketch) that we don’t want those large posts on the bed, just a simple wood frame.  There have been so many emails and a few changes, so I wanted to be sure this detail didn’t get lost.
Will you send us photos before shipping the items?
Thanks again,


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Here is your receipt:

========== TRANSACTION RECORD ==========
United States

TYPE: Purchase

ACCT: American Express    $ 1,159.50 USD

CARD NUMBER     : ###########1006
DATE/TIME       : 30 Mar 18 10:05:17
REFERENCE #     : 001 0586314 T
AUTHOR. #       : 243695
TRANS. REF.     : 

    Approved - Thank You 100

Please retain this copy for your records.

Cardholder will pay above amount to
card issuer pursuant to cardholder
Thank you, Oscar!

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Jo Hart
505 Arrowhead Way
Crestone, CO
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