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Jul 25

to Fady
Hello Fady, the Governador style is a beautiful hand carved Armoire, The regular unit this size is $1,638.00 as you can see
on this link.


This armoire made to the specifications on your drawing is $1,838.00 includes packing and transportation to Cal, you can pay only 50% deposit and balance on delivery, if you would like to proceed I will make you a custom page and you can get the order scheduled for production whenever you are ready. Please excuse the delay, we’ve been are pretty busy.

Fady Zawde
3:28 PM (19 hours ago)

to me
Hi again,
I do apologize for not noticing your last 2 emails regarding the Rubio Monocoat.
Did you have a chance in getting the product. Please let me know.
The way i previously used it as i mentioned in my earlier email, is rubbing it with a cloth. There other ways to apply as it is mentioned on the web site. It only takes one coat and the wood is sealed. i like it as it has 0 VOC and the wood can be easily touched up with no sign.

Let me know if you managed to get some and tried it on.
Wait to hear from you soon.
Thanks again.

50% balance

$919.00 balance

Sep 12, 2015 12:58:39 PDT
Transaction ID: 31D125070H872515P

Fady Zawde
510-387-2132 Instructions from buyer
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Ship-to address – Confirmed
Fady Zawde
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