Details of CourtYard double doors deposit and pics, will be entered here shortly.



10:38 AM (6 hours ago)

to sales
Do your pine courtyard doors come ready to hang? Also, would the cost for a gate 93″ wide still be $1700? What is the current lead time?

These are not a very good photoshop images but they convey the idea.

Please visualize in the color of your choice “dark Walnut ” perhaps or a light water based “driftwood” stain.

Bringing these Courtyard doors

to the front may invite you to match the front door,

a replacement front door in matching finish would cost you $780.00

I can use the existing  speakeasy window w/door knocker.

dark walnut color stain

vintage texture finish
96″h x 92″w double

$858.00 Deposit/Balance

XXXX La Paz Road
United States

Web Accept Payment Received (Unique Transaction ID #52H12318Y48024641)

Date: Feb 2, 2016
Time: 18:57:30 PST

Courtyard doors Installation $200.00

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