Mexican Carved Furniture Collection


All items are hand carved, hand painted, and each piece may be custom made.

All custom orders take 6-9 weeks if the item is in stock it will be in your home within 6 days.

All pieces are unique in style and craftsmanship… some of these pieces are often design by the craftspeople themselves.   Sometimes the Señora is who decides the final touches of the design.
All you need to do is decide on a theme, let  home democracy give you a product that is intended to make you purchase again. Our pieces are tailor-made to enhance the beatury of your home. We work with architects, home designers, contractors, and above all, you, the client.

Designers and Architects have privileges.

Some items  require several weeks for an artisan to produce some of these beautiful designs, it’s all hand-made, and the difference is obvious: the human touch on the natural wood.

Most pieces are custom made.

All pieces are unique in style and craftsmanship…

You may select a topic and a color trend it will be made to your taste. The most important characteristic of our furniture is that we do not use MDF, a material preferred by many companies to guarantee non-cracking. We prefer using kiln-dried wood to avoid this problem but still have carved wood rather than carved board. Our wood is imported from the U.S.

Send your idea, design, vision, wood type/species, texture, color trend or scheme. Furniture will be manufactured to your expectations and then some. 

 Furniture is not made with MDF as is usually the case in this industry. If you are considering finished furniture from Michoacan consider the following read.  Feb 2020 <–click on date.


We carved whatever blows your mind

Alder Wood, Dark stain, double semi satin polyurethane.

Double bowl carved vanity

Cedar wood 80 years old

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