Arnold Sandlow

4:10 PM (1 hour ago)

to me

I just went and re-measured the frame and it is 36”wide, 1/34’ thick and 79 ¾”height. I have a very thick threshold at the bottom of the door that is probably ½” high.

Does this still fit within the $392 price range and/or do we get the door at 78 ¾’ and just put another big thrershold in?

PLz advise. I am ready to order once we resolve this issue.




412 Orange Grove ave in Los Angeles


Hacienda Rustica <>

4:32 PM (1 hour ago)

to Arnold

Hello Arnold, 36 x 80 x 2″ is $425 door only (36”wide, 1/34’ thick and 79 ¾”height) FOB Los Angeles, sounds like there is a threshold, door will be made to the measurements you order. allow 4-6 weeks from 50% deposit date.


$465.37 tax included, pay only $232.68

When You pay the 50% deposit for the pre-hung frame, You will have a balance of $396.93 tx included. 

725.00 + tx = $793.86

Pre-hung frame w moldings $328.50 w tax deposit/balance 50% $164.25

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