Amanda Huynh
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We finally finalized our gate. It will be
5 feet 8 for height and 5 feet for width. Please use pine wood and stain it well for protection. How can I make a deposit?

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In Alder wood $1,392.00  and same price for Cedar.

Design similar to picture.  Special delivery 11.24- 26 2014.

50% deposit balance COD.


You will get a full refund notification no later then Monday. These are the colors We used for your door, You should request maybe Maple wood on your next order it is a white wood and the color will end up much lighter as in your original picture.  Alder is a great wood but naturally pinkish in color and with Golden Oak Stain it ends up a little darker.  Our driver should have insisted on opening the packaging and have shown your husband the complete order, frame, moldings, hinges… so he could have appreciated the door. It is beautiful.

We apologize for that our old driver is on Vacation.

Thank You and Happy Holly days to you and your family.


Amanda's full refund
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