Jeff McManus
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to me
Hi Oscar,
Thank you for showing me the alder door yesterday.
I am resending a picture of the door I would like you to make.
42″ wide by 96″. ALDER WOOD. Finished with Spar Varnish for exterior use.
Hinged like the picture, on the right, opening in.
I do not need the glass speak-easy door, just a wood one that matches the door.
The clavos should be like the ones in the picture.

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Hacienda Rustica <>
12:02 PM (22 hours ago)

to Jeff
Hi Jeff, is was to meeting you.

This customer ordered a similar door in Alder theirs is 26 sq. ft. —- yours is 28 sq. ft. $1,144.44

It will be the same price for you plus 40 for the Spar Varnish, let me know if
I should make you a custom page where you can place a deposit.

Thank You
Oscar Almaguer
Jeff McManus
7:43 PM (14 hours ago)

to me
Hi Oscar,
Yes, please make me a page so I can place a deposit.
I want the spar varnish.


50% deposit/balance COD, please allow 3-4 weeks from deposit or last modification.

$572.22    Pay 40.00 for Spar Varnish when pick up door.

Customer does not want true arched, instead arch to resemble picture as much as possible on the 42″w x 96″height scale. Customer has completed building top of frame waiting for door to arrive and accommodate to size and shape.  4.30.15 02:01 pm

Apr 5, 2015 21:20:06 PDT
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