5 tier rolling tower

sturdy, practical, nice and natural
excellent toy rack

If you don’t want a sign nor image, there is no delay

You will receive tower within 2 weeks from order date.

Send you image via email within 2 days of order date and there will be no delay.

or allow 1-2 weeks from the time we receive the image..

Excellent for Stores, Supermarkets,  called the “silent salesman”  Restaurants to transport Desserts, Candy, Chocolate, display fruits, move heavy silverware, display literature, menus…

Towel rack, great display merchandiser, handy organizer tower with 5 strong shelves.

Office, move files, mail, books with ease…

Kitchen store onions, potatoes, apples, condiments, pet food etc


5 shelf organizer tower, price to sell xxxxx delivery included in Continental U.S.

$  delivery in 1-2 weeks

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