1 42 x 96 x 1 3/4″ Solid Alder doors, with standard 21″ radius arched, Left inward door swing. Door jams 6 7/8″
1 36 x 96 x 1 3/4″ Solid Alder doors, with standard 18″ radius arched, Left inward door swing. Door jams 6 7/8″
Both doors, vintage textured including casing (int/ext moldings)
Deposit Received. 3.10.15 9.25 AM
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Earl Hoover (The sender of this payment is Unregistered)
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Invoice #03.09.15.CA.3
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$1,505.36 USD
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-$43.96 USD
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$1,461.40 USD

The images of the Palm trees and Hummingbird may be moved to specific height as the focal point of the screen door, the rest of the carving will blend into location. Middle section a rounded fluted divider that will appear as a column. Lower section scrolled out for a better screen as upper sections.

Alder wood $2,000.00 50% deposit $1,000.00
Mar 25, 2015 14:03:15 PDT $1,000.00 deposit paid
Transaction ID: 7KY134168R361735A

5 doors Pine wood,  1  3/4″ x 94″h x 27 1/2″ w pre-hung on Frame ( wall width) 4 H.D. Hinges, all vintage textured, stained, clear satin polyurethane. Matching Interior/exterior moldings. Delivered.  $3,245.00  less 15% discount $2,758.25

50%  deposit $1,379.12

Deposit Payment Received (Unique Transaction ID #3B432560WM1216936)

50% balance paid (Payment Received (Unique Transaction ID #5A323890UT054642R))


Front door, Alder wood, vintage texture similar to picture,  pre-hung, 6’8” x 42” , jamb 5 1/8” and threshold.  (weather strip by Home depot)


Deposit 50%  $571.50

Deposit made ( along with balance on 5 interior doors)


Speak easy door

double panel

Custom carving for Earl Hoover

solid wood naturally...

Earl Hoover <elh1006@att.net>
Apr 13

to me
Yes, Pay Pal now shows I paid the $1,379.12 and separately the $1,3972.12 and the $571.50 together. If that is right just keep the additional and credit me against the final bill if that is ok

Hacienda Rustica <haciendarustica.com@gmail.com>
Apr 13

to Earl
Hi Earl, I think you paid more then needed. All you had to pay was 50% of the front door $571.50 which is the last Yellow button on this page.

I really don’t need more then 50% deposit. If you like I can refund you what you just paid and then just pay the $570.00
let me know please.
Thank You
Oscar Almaguer

Earl Hoover <elh1006@att.net>
Apr 13

to me
So it doesn’t get more confusing, just keep it and deduct from the final payment.



Hacienda Rustica <haciendarustica.com@gmail.com>
Apr 13

to Earl
Hi Earl, OK what you paid was the balance on the 5 interior doors, and the deposit for the front door, I just posted payment on your page and removed the button for the 5 doors since it is paid for in full.

This is your updated page once you are in press F4 to save page address.


The carved door was started last Saturday.

Earl Hoover <elh1006@att.net>
Apr 14

to me
Looks right. When all delivered I will owe $571.50 on the entry door, nothing on the five interior doors, $1000 on the carved door and $1,505.36 on the 2 master bedroom doors, total $3,076.86.

Custom doors for Earl Hoover

solid wood naturally...

Pine arched door frames

Iron window grill
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