Hacienda Doors

beautifully hand made doors full of style and character, very strong, made in natural woods, reliable security. An impression of beauty and strength.

Hacienda Doors

Arched alder rustic doorsustainable woods only.


Green-double-doors-rustic-unfinished-factory2sustainable is as trendy as our Roma door

puerta alder


 We schedule all of our Doors for production upon order request.

4-12 weeks from 50% deposit date.

 All pieces of your door (s) will be made from the same batch of wood, finished, textured at the same time, for better quality and color consistency, choice of  stains, paints, see samples.

polished modern, textured vintage or antique reproductions, see samples.

NO pre-fab doors in containers for months or years, no risk of termite infestation.

We do not use wood from Michoacan, Chihuahua, Durango etc. We use only U.S. kiln dried Sugar Pine and other wood only from sustainable sources.

 Door lite, frame, interior /exterior moldings, all made specifically for owner.

U.S. Kiln dried Sugar pine or Alder wood exclusively by Weyerhaeuser, our 2 top best sellers.

Also available: Maple, Walnut, Mahogany, Cherry it is your budget or real estate investment, just wait until you see our custom Mexican Hacienda Vanities.  Natural Sustainable Wood Suppliers only. No Mesquite.

Our Standard Exterior Doors are 2″ (8/4) thick and planed down to your needs.

3″ or 4″ thicknesses available per request.

Door B you may send your own pictures

or design for lead glass on the arched window.

We only need an image. see sample.

Carved door basket weave carving and 2 large sea shells

Customers have requested this door as a table top, want to see more?

We use 8/4″ wood plank on our exterior doors usually plane to 1 7/8″  and  1.5″ solid plank for exterior door frame approved in all 50 States, Canada, E. U. Our Mexican Hacienda Doors are made authentically in Mexico

We have manufactured and maintained doors for old churches in Mexico (Guanajuato and Michoacán.)

Hacienda Rustica provides a unique, tailor-made breed of furniture and door design that is practical and affordable, as well as attractive, durable and life-spanning.

We use natural wood and we recommend just that…solid natural wood for your Mexican hacienda doors

Perfect for Mexican, Spanish, Mediterranean Architecture homes, villas, cabins.

“security” most under looked detail in considering replacing your front door, free quotes.

Mexican door manufacturer, experience since 1946

Ask for a free quote, see over 50 styles of our doors. Ask for "before and after" pictures of front doors.

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