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About Our Custom Woodworking

All items are hand carved, hand painted, some of these pieces require for an artisan several weeks to come up with some of these beautiful Mexican furniture designs, all pieces may be custom made, we prefer not to have this Mexican furniture painted but we do what the customer wants, custom orders may take take 6-9 weeks. If the item is in stock Mexican furniture ship within 2 days, and in your home within 6 days. All pieces are unique in style and craftsmanship…

All items in the Mexican hacienda rustic furniture pine collection are handcrafted, the wood used in our furniture is 100% constructed entirely of solid American pine (Sugar Pine) cut and processes in Oregon/Washington/Canada

The exterior surfaces are intentionally distressed to achieve that rustic vintage finish people look for in this very charming style. The pine is then stained and finished with a protective coating petroleum base wax applied by hand, not really, today we use a stain that is more Eco friendly and water base polyurethane clear satin, semi or glossy they all look good but it’s what you want. That is why some people consider us a classic Mexican furniture manufacturer, as we can be trusted with the furniture your family what will be enjoyed for many years to come.

  • seat on a chairs that is comfortable
  • strong
  • made with responsable woods
  • made in North America
  • all chairs have silicon floor tacks
  • elegant and rustic
  • made to last






Add a Unique Touch With Master Woodcarvings. Your Designs Will be Carved By Generations of Experience!


Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a cash and carry store?

We are a furniture factory, not a reseller. All of our orders are made with customer requests, specifications, photographs and schematics. Our Los Angeles Address is our shipping warehouse, from which we ship throughout the Americas and beyond. Please Email us to schedule an appointment.

How long is your average delivery rate?

We deliver for free in the Southern California area, but orders vary from 3-7 weeks from 50% deposit rate, according to our order queue. Orders are on first come, first serve basis. Watch for sales of stock items coming soon; Stock Items are 3 weeks from order date or less! Yes, we work with contractors. 

This site is amazing! How do I place an order?

Unfortunately, our site is undergoing maintenance, but we accept check, money orders, Amazon Pay and wire transfers via custom ‘add-to-cart’ buttons. Customer satisfaction is HaciendaRustica.com’s highest priority and we treat our clients as lifelong friends.

Office Location

3855 Cesar Chavez Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90063-1804

Open Hours (By email appointment only)

M-F: 8am – 4pm




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